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Welcome to Hubby eSIM

Stay connected effortlessly with our eSIM solutions, designed specifically for the Travel Industry.

Explore our services and join our community of Tour Operators and Global Explorers.

Co-developed with Tour Operators, OTAs, & Travel Agents, HUBBY eSIM is designed to give customers of travel businesses internet access around the world.

Our advanced eSIM technology simplifies global connectivity. Anybody should be able to use eSIMs, so we designed it to be user-friendly for all ages.

For travel companies, a straightforward answer was required to the 4G challenges that their customers face. We used extensive industry expertise to develop tools for travel agents/agencies, OTAs, DMCs...

For large travel organizations, automation is always a requirement, so we can and will develop tailor-made API solutions on demand


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Our Partner Networks

We never compromise on the quality of our networks. That's why we are partnering with the best telecom companies around the world:

Our Partners Say

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We're super happy! We gifted the eSIM card last summer and have received nothing but positive feedback. It's a win for us as we get compliments on our excellent service, and it's a win for our customers as they easily gain access to the internet.

Shannon - Riksja Travel

Together with hundreds of partners,
we're connecting millions of travellers.