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“Travel far enough, you meet yourself.”

― David Mitchell



We want to see a world free from connectivity barriers, where seamless digital connection delivers game-changing improvements to the travel experience, and better facilitates real-world connection.

Together with our partners, we are on a mission to unlock
unimaginable value for the industry, by creating innovative, digital solutions that deliver transformative improvements to the customer experience.

With a focus on harnessing the
power of mobile connectivity, the launch of the Hubby eSIM is just the beginning.


Thijs van der Wijk | Co-Founder & CEO 

Thijs van der Wijk, the entrepreneurial spirit behind Hubby, is all about upgrading travel with digital solutions. His journey started young, selling shells on family beach holidays. 


Born in Amsterdam, Thijs earned his Master’s in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Esade Business School in 2021. A travel enthusiast, he experienced firsthand the hassle of staying connected abroad, which inspired him to launch Hubby eSIM. Starting with WiFi routers in hotel lobbies, Thijs transformed his business into a game-changing digital service. Hubby took off in the Netherlands in 2021 and hit the UK market in 2024, partnering with On the Beach.


When he’s not innovating, Thijs loves hiking and exploring botany, with Namibia topping his list of favorite destinations.

Robert Rose, Product Designer


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